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Always Coding Something

Creative coder who has worked with machine learning to create Augmented Reality experiences that are inclusive, highly interactive, and fun. Self taught full stack web developer working exclusively with A.R. to create dynamic 3D world experiences.

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Touch Your Face

With a face in the frame: the user touches the screen with pan gestures to reveal a beautiful metallic visual shader that responds and animates to every touch of the face.

Sound Slide

This one uses a delay frame visual shader draws reverberations from the user's texture that slide up and down with different audio bandwidths from the user's recorded live microphone audio.

Broken Television

Uses audio reactivity to drive a visual shader that slides the image of the person in the frame into a sine wave shape--the sine wave changes intensity based on recorded microphone input!


Different face mesh pieces are floating around the users face and the user can select the pieces; rotate, scale and move them; creating a collage out of their own face!

You Okay?

Using delay frame and subtly changes colors this effect tracks the users movement and shows a trail of their image as they move around in the scene

Lost In The Funhouse

Using the native UI buttons the user can pick which visual shader they want to track their head. The amount and direction of the funhouse mirror glass distorts as the user rotates their head.

Did You Hear That?

Eye openness and audio from the microphone input help drive a funny visual shader that distorts the user's face into scrunched up to annular and ballooned depending on how the user's tracked eyes open or narrow in the frame. Also, the user can use the native slider to control the amount of frames overwriting the image.


This effect tracks the user's nose and changes a visual shader's hue with some procedural water caustics that animate. Each use is a unique experience!


Made a 3D Peony flower with a complex skeleton that flows fluidly with the users head and a touch gesture interaction that allows the user to change the petals of the peony into a vibrant display of color.


3D sunflowers use head rotation from the facetracker to smoothly move with the users head

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  • Asset Optimization
  • Scripting
  • Shaders

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