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Anon A. Mister Inc.

Anon A. Mister has been creating AR filters on IG since Jan 2019 & quickly became one of the most prolific creators on the platform. We’ve built filters for amazing brands like @casper @drinkarizona @whatdoyoumeme and @fuckjerry

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Casper: Nap On Demand

Nap On Demand was built for Casper and lets you instantly take a nap anytime and anywhere. NOD features Casper’s pillows and sheets in a humorous and engaging way, and enables users to create fun viral videos to share with their friends and followers

WDYM: For The Girls

For The Girls is a viral game filter created to promote the card game by What Do You Meme. FTG has been a great success, encouraging millions of people to record & share incredibly funny videos across Instagram and beyond.

Jay & Silent Bob

Jay & Silent Bob was built for Kevin Smith to promote his new “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” Movie. This feature turns the user into Jay & Silent Bob and has a secret mode that turns you into their alter-egos Bluntman and Chronic!

Pump up the Volume

Pump up the Volume is another massively successful filter that has been seen/used 100’s of millions of times by people of all ages. This filter turns you into a DJ, complete with 3D headphones and a professional microphone. Time to broadcast!

Silly Poopy

Silly Poopy was created to align with the launch of ‘What Do You Meme Kids’ & their first children’s toy “Silly Poopy”. This entertaining filter turns up to 3 people heads into super realistic 3D Silly Poopys which captures & translates the users emotions seamlessly.

Doggie Love

Doggie Love is a crowd favorite - seen/used 100’s of millions of times & bringing smiles to people of all ages around the world. This cute doggie will lick any face in sight - be careful!

The Corny Filter

The Corny Filter has become an instant classic ever since it was launched. Millions & millions of people have turned themselves into a realistic 3D corn and enjoyed being part of the corniest filter on Instagram.

Vue: Haunted Popcorn

Haunted Popcorn is a fun and surprising filter built for the UK movie theater chain Vue. Launched during the classic ’Horror Movie’ month of October, this filter gives it users a viral little shock.

Arizona: I’m a Big Can

I’m a Big Can was built for Arizona Iced Tea and turns you into a Big Arizona Can! This viral filter turns all the users expressions and emotions into a super fun character featuring 4 classic Arizona cans.

Pinch Me

Pinch Me takes having your cheek pinched to the extreme. This filter has resonated with tens of millions of people all around the world as it touches on an annoying, yet endearing, non verbal experience.

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