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AREYES studio

Areyes studio - founded in 2019 by two brothers Alexander and Alexey Surnin in Kyiv. Thanks to many years of experience in gamedev, our team creating unique masks and games for instagram.

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Flower Haute Couture

Art project dedicated to the new collection one of the famous hats brands Ruslan Baginskiy. AR effect represents one main visual element of collection is tiara with flowers made from recycled plastic.


Reinvented the classic mechanic into the new reality. Training your neck with The Snake Instagram game. All controls are addicted to head moving. Eat and grow as hell!

Dubai Runner

3D Instagram AR game, where the main character in a chemical protection suit follows the city and disinfects the streets

Red Bull Rap100 YKKE

Create creative face effect for the Red Bull Rap Battle that bring followers into the space of emotions

Space Noosphere

We helped non-governmental non-commercial organization which focused on STEM to brings unique experience into they social media world, in an immerse, fun, and memorable way by creating simple space AR game

Magic Forest

Magic Forest face filter based on folklore and fantasy of an enchanted forest is a forest under, or containing, enchantments. The forest represents a place unknown to the characters, and situations of liminality and transformation.


Beauty doesn’t automatically mean make-up. Ultrashine is smooth, opalescent animation of gemstones looking luxe and fresh, giving you a unique feeling of your impeccability.


Ultashell represents our vision of the human beings of the future who live in a society obsessed with glamour and body modification. Inspired by the Cyberpunk 2077 and the latest futuristic trends.

Yami Yami

Yummy World is a deliciously fun world made up of a unique cast of food characters where food is fun and fresh baked friendships and adventures meet

Basemnt Neon Demon

Neoclassical futuristic AR effect with neon elements and undegraound vibes

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