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House of V

V is an innovation agency that builds extraordinary AR experiences for the world’s leading brands. We create awe and envy, clicks and conversions, with speed and at scale.

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Time Machine

Triggering off the face of an antique watch, we reveal a portal into a whole new world!

Facebook AIR - Thusness

To add an engaging digital component to its Artist in Residence program, Facebook and Oculus partnered with our team to create this AR world effect.

Cox Business Golf

Sure, golf is a mental game, but we took that one step further with an AR game where you have to use your head to get the ball in the cup.

Welcome to Vegas

In partnership with the Life Is Beautiful Festival, we created a series of AR effects that engaged festival attendees in a whole new way.

Boeing 787 Flight Tracker

Boeing and Singapore Airlines celebrated the first delivery of the 787-10 Dreamliner with this first-of-its-kind effect.

Gerber Anything for Baby

Utilizing the iconic Gerber Baby logo, we created a sharable campaign AR effect that allows users to make their baby THE Gerber baby.

Boeing 777X Flight Deck

Take a step inside the cockpit and become the pilot of your very own 777X!

A Nutty Transformation

In this nutty effect, users can transform into a mischievous character in his natural element.

Cheetos "U Can't Touch This"

This "mini MC Hammer" effect was part of Cheetos 2020 Super Bowl campaign and features the musician dancing his iconic move, the Typewriter.

Sunglasses with Chain

Show off some style and swag with this these stylish AR sunglasses.

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  • 3D Modeling
  • Scripting
  • Shaders

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