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Studio based in Buenos Aires focused on the Facebook's XR platforms, specialized on Spark AR. We are a team of young creators with technical knowledge on shaders, UX, 3d, scripting and marketing.

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Filter for a public health organization from Argentina(Incucai). The goal of the campaign is promoting cornea donations and the aesthetic is based on a music video done also for the campaign.


Filter in which stars manifest based light frequency.


This filter registers sound and re-manifests it on a ring of particles using colors and sizes.


Filter based on color gradients, splitting the screen in equal pieces and face drawings. The user is able to customize these three by choice.


Forms is a customizable gradient filter with smooth face-tracking, the “forms” move based on the face position and the colors are customizable with the UI.

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  • Marketing
  • Shaders
  • Storytelling

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